Apollo Advisory

Brand Identity Development | Jan 2024 - Feb 2024
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Project Overview
Collaborating with Red Six Media, Apollo Advisory embarked on a total brand identity development project to establish a strong and consistent visual presence that would leave a lasting positive impression on potential clients and partners. This comprehensive initiative involved creating a strategic logo and cohesive brand elements that aligned with Apollo's core values and goals. The project included the creation of multiple marketing collateral assets, such as business card mockups and a splash page, to effectively promote the company at conferences, client pitches, and other professional settings.
My Contributions
As the lead brand designer for Apollo Advisory's comprehensive brand identity development project, I played a pivotal role in crafting a cohesive and impactful visual identity that aligned with the company's values and strategic goals. Working closely with a brand strategist and the company founder, my contributions included creating detailed brand guidelines and a distinctive visual identity. I presented these in a well-crafted final pitch that featured various product mockups to help visualize the brand's implementation. Additionally, I designed a splash page to showcase the brand's potential online presence while the actual website was being built.
Brand Development
  • The design development process for Apollo Advisory's brand identity began with a thorough understanding of the company, its values, and its goals. In collaboration with a brand strategist, we focused on developing the brand message, voice, mission, and vision. This phase involved setting up discovery meetings with the client to delve deeply into the brand's identity.

    After defining the company's core attributes and the meaning behind its name, I proceeded to design two visual concepts. These concepts, shaped by visual inspirations discussed with the team and client, were distinct in their appearance but shared a common foundation. The aim was to create a fresh and modern brand that complemented the innovative, high-tech solutions Apollo Advisory offers. This branding needed to resonate with clients in the oil and gas, petrochemical, and public utility sectors, positioning Apollo Advisory as a reliable firm providing Esri-based solutions for unlocking additional market value through effective communication and data-driven insights.

    The final branding chosen for Apollo Advisory was a refined blend of both initial concepts, ultimately selecting concept one as the core identity while incorporating graphic elements and imagery treatment from concept two. This hybrid approach ensured a dynamic and modern visual identity that perfectly aligned with Apollo Advisory's innovative and high-tech ethos, effectively communicating their value as a reliable advisory firm offering Esri-based solutions for unlocking market value through data-driven insights and effective communication.