Celtic Studios

Branding Refresh & Website Revamp | Jun 2023 - Sept 2023
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Project Overview
Celtic Studios, a leading film studio in Baton Rouge known for hosting major motion pictures and TV series, aimed to boost its brand and digital presence. Collaborating with Red Six Media, the studio underwent a comprehensive website revamp and brand refresh. The Red Six Media team revitalized Celtic Studios' online identity by crafting a modern, user-centric website that highlighted its top-notch facilities and services. Through strategic branding and meticulous design execution, this initiative successfully repositioned Celtic Studios as a premier destination for film and television projects in the Gulf South.
My Contributions
As the lead designer for Celtic Studios' digital revamp, I initiated and executed the brand refresh to align with their renewed vision. This fresh branding set the stage for a modern website highlighting Celtic's facilities and film heritage. Collaborating with a diverse team, I managed the detailed design process, creating prototypes to guide the web developer in transforming the website. Alongside this, I curated the videos and imagery, designed banners, and crafted other design elements to enhance the website's visual appeal. Additionally, I contributed to the design of marketing collateral assets that complemented the information on the stages and facilities, serving sales and advertising purposes. The result is a cohesive and user-friendly site that solidifies Celtic Studios' reputation as a leading film destination in the Gulf South.
  • Software: Photoshop & Illustrator.
  • In revamping Celtic Studios' branding, our goal was to align it with their renewed, modern vision. The previous branding felt somewhat outdated: the fonts were too serious and generic, the color palette was limited and overly "orangy" as per client feedback, and the imagery lacked vibrancy, failing to capture the dynamism and potential of the studio's stages and facilities. We aimed to create a bold, modern brand identity that would resonate with the big blockbuster movies being shot at Celtic.

    Working closely with a multidisciplinary team, we meticulously crafted a fresh identity that brought Celtic Studios' vision to life. The new branding features a dynamic and modern color palette, big and bold yet clean fonts that communicate a contemporary and fresh identity. We introduced new imagery enhanced by cool gradients and pops of color, as well as 360-degree panorama images. Additionally, we curated videography that showcases behind-the-scenes footage of movies shot at Celtic, further emphasizing the studio's dynamic nature.

    This carefully crafted branding not only revitalizes Celtic Studios' image but also positions them as a modern and vibrant film destination. The result is a cohesive brand identity that aligns perfectly with Celtic Studios' renewed vision and stands out alongside the blockbuster movies they host.
Web Prototype
  • Software: Adobe XD, Photoshop & Illustrator.
  • In developing the prototype to reflect Celtic Studios' refreshed brand identity, I embarked on a detailed design journey that laid the groundwork for the web development phase. Working closely with the web department, I ensured the client-approved designs transitioned seamlessly to the live website. This required offering the developer comprehensive design guidance, ensuring each detail upheld the brand's essence and visual consistency.

    A standout element of the prototype is the interactive map, which highlights all the stages and facilities at Celtic Studios. Utilizing 360-degree panorama images, this map delivers a dynamic and immersive experience for visitors, doubling as a key marketing asset. It equips Celtic with essential content for promotional efforts, presenting a virtual tour that highlights the studio's capabilities and unique features. This innovative component not only boosts user engagement but also vividly conveys Celtic Studios' revitalized brand identity.