Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative

UX/UI Design & Social Media Design
Project Overview
The Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative (BHCLI) is in charge of equipping mayors and senior city officials with leadership skills and management tools to tackle the cities’ challenges. To accomplish its mission, BHCLI hired Human Agency to help them elevate their digital presence in order to increase the online engagement of city leaders across the world.
My Contributions
My role was to support the Human Agency team with the design of several web pages for the BHCLI brand new website, using the new visual system in place. Which was previously created by the HA team. Among other miscelanoues design asks, I was also tasked with the creation of multiple social media assets to help drive traffic to the new website.
Web Design
  • Collaborated with the Human Agency team on translating the client's business objectives into refined user interfaces for their new website. Around 100 web pages were designed and developed along the process.
Social Media
  • Supported the modernization of the BHCLI social media strategy, created and implemented by the Human agency, by designing multiple visual assets for different social platforms.