Oda Studio

UX/UI Design: Wireframes & Prototyping
Project Overview
Oda Studio is a SaaS company that uses artificial intelligence technology to support the underserved real estate industry with automated and innovative visual marketing solutions. The Oda team hired Human Agency in 2021 to help them professionalize their online outreach efforts to better attract customers for their real estate photo-enhancing services.
My Contributions
To execute this short-term project, Human Agency hired me as a freelancer UX/UI designer to lead the design efforts needed to improve Oda Studio's user experience. The main goal was to completely redesigned the user flow and marketing content in order to optimize the online experience around audience specific sales funnels.
UX/UI Design
  • Oda Studio sought to professionalize their online outreach efforts to better engage and convert potential customers in the real estate industry. The existing user experience lacked coherence and did not effectively guide users through the sales funnel. Moreover, the visual identity needed an update to better reflect the company's innovative AI-driven solutions and appeal to their target audience.
  • User Flow and Site Map Redesign:
  • I collaborated with a designated Human Agency team, including an Account Manager and Copywriter, to translate Oda Studio's business objectives into refined user flows and comprehensive site maps. This process involved analyzing existing user behavior, identifying pain points, and strategizing improvements to streamline the online experience.
  • Brand Identity Update:
  • Working closely with the Oda Studio team, I participated in updating their visual identity and designing a new brand system for the web. This included refreshing the color palette, typography, and overall design elements to convey a modern and innovative image consistent with their AI technology offerings.
        • Low-Fidelity Wireframes:
        • Based on stakeholder input, Human Agency team feedback, and user testing insights, I developed low-fidelity wireframes to outline the overall user flow of the website. These wireframes served as foundational blueprints, focusing on layout and structure before diving into visual details.
        • User Flow and Site Map Redesign:
        • Building upon the wireframes, I translated insights into refined user flows and comprehensive site maps. This iterative process aimed to streamline navigation and enhance user interaction, ensuring a seamless journey through the site's information architecture.
        • High-Fidelity Mockups:
        • I then created high-fidelity mockups, iterating on designs to ensure usability, visual appeal, and alignment with both Oda Studio's brand guidelines and industry best practices. These mockups underwent rigorous refinement cycles based on stakeholder feedback and usability testing results.
        • The collaborative efforts resulted in a significantly improved user experience on Oda Studio's online platform. The redesigned user flows and optimized site maps provided clear pathways for users, leading to increased engagement and conversions. The updated brand identity and web design system modernized Oda Studio's visual presence, reinforcing their leadership in AI-driven solutions for real estate marketing. This project exemplifies the impact of strategic UX/UI design in transforming digital experiences and achieving business objectives.
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