Oda Studio

UX/UI Design: Wireframes & Prototyping
Project Overview
Oda Studio is a SaaS company that uses artificial intelligence technology to support the underserved real estate industry with automated and innovative visual marketing solutions. The Oda team hired Human Agency in 2021 to help them professionalize their online outreach efforts to better attract customers for their real estate photo-enhancing services.
My Contributions
To execute this short-term project, Human Agency hired me as a freelancer UX/UI designer to lead the design efforts needed to improve Oda Studio's user experience. The main goal was to completely redesigned the user flow and marketing content in order to optimize the online experience around audience specific sales funnels.
UX/UI Design
  • Worked with a designated Human Agency team (Account Manager & Copywriter) on translating Oda Studio's business objectives into refined user flows, site maps and proper marketing content.
  • Collaborated with the Oda Studio team on updating the company visual identity and the design of a new brand system for web.
  • Designed user flows, wireframes and mockups based on proven methodologies, stakeholder requests and the feedback of the Human Agency team.