Enginuity Global

Website Revamp | Nov 2023 - March 2024
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Project Overview
Enginuity Global, an electrical engineering company headquartered in Baton Rouge, sought to improve its digital footprint to enhance client service and broaden market reach. Teaming up with Red Six Media, they undertook a comprehensive website revamp project, covering all aspects from initial brand strategy to final web development, in a strategic effort to refresh and invigorate Enginuity Global's online presence.
My Contributions
In my role as lead designer, I played a pivotal role in spearheading the visual overhaul of the website redesign project. Working closely with a multidisciplinary team, I assumed responsibility for overseeing the entire digital transformation journey, from the initial branding refresh to providing design support for the web team. Central to my role was the crafting of robust wireframe designs and prototypes that placed a premium on user experience. Our collaborative efforts culminated in the successful delivery of a modern, user-friendly website that authentically mirrors Enginuity Global's revitalized branding and bolstered digital presence, empowering the company to forge stronger client relationships and sustain ongoing success within the industry.
Brand Refresh
  • Enginuity Global had an existing branding strategy in place; however, following a thorough audit of the content, brand, and strategy, Red Six Media determined that the website could benefit from a nuanced branding update. As the lead designer, I led the efforts to refine elements such as the color palette, graphic elements, iconography, and image manipulation to enhance visual coherence and alignment with Enginuity Global's overarching brand identity.
  • After completing the brand refresh and organizing the content, I transitioned to the wireframing stage. This step aimed to construct a visual blueprint or skeletal framework of the website, facilitating client approval before advancing to the design and development phases.
  • Software: Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator.
  • Transitioning from wireframing, I took charge of crafting the complete website prototype, leveraging Adobe XD for intricate design details and seamlessly integrating Photoshop to refine images and illustrations. This personalized approach ensured that every aspect of the prototype resonated with the established wireframes and overarching design direction. Through this hands-on process, I not only provided developers with a clear guideline but also facilitated effective communication and usability testing. Ultimately, this prototype served as a personal testament to my pivotal role in shaping the web development journey, underscoring the significance of meticulous design in bringing visions to life.