Coleman Architects

Branding and Website Revamp | Oct 2023 - March 2024
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Project Overview
Coleman Partners Architects, LLC, an renowned architectural firm with roots in Baton Rouge, embarked on a transformative journey to revitalize its brand and modernize its market presence. As part of a holistic rebranding effort aimed at enhancing client engagement and expanding market reach, Coleman Partners Architects enlisted the expertise of Red Six Media to spearhead a comprehensive website revamp project. From conceptualizing initial brand strategies to executing final web development, this initiative was instrumental in refreshing and revitalizing Coleman Partners Architects' online identity.
My Contributions
As the lead web designer for Coleman Architects' website revamp, I was entrusted with the pivotal task of transforming the website to reflect the firm's renewed identity. Drawing upon my deep understanding of design principles and user experience, I meticulously crafted a website that not only resonated with the firm's ethos but also engaged visitors effectively. My ability to capture the essence of the new branding and seamlessly apply it to the website was instrumental in bringing the brand's vision to life online.
  • I utilized Adobe XD to lay out the entire prototype, focusing on both design elements and website functionality. Collaborating closely with the copywriter, we structured the content in a user-friendly manner to ensure clarity and engagement. Additionally, I partnered with the web developer to ensure that all widgets, animations, and interactions were not only feasible but also enhanced the user experience. Throughout the design process, I continuously collaborated with the client, meeting frequently to review the prototype and gather feedback in quick, iterative rounds. Their input was invaluable in designing a website that met their exacting standards.

    My ability to capture and integrate the firm's new branding essence, combined with client collaboration, was pivotal in creating a beautiful, contemporary, and user-friendly website. This comprehensive design approach facilitated effective communication, usability testing, and a seamless development process. The resulting prototype stands as a testament to my key role in translating Coleman's refreshed brand identity into a compelling digital experience, emphasizing the importance of meticulous design and client collaboration in bringing a vision to life.